Alchemy is a philosophical concept and study based around the purification of materials and bringing them closer to spiritual essence. It is most prominently featured in Rusty Lake: Roots, driving much of the story.

William and Aldous Vanderboom were alchemists in their lifetime, to the point of being referred to as "The Alchemist Brothers". Among their successes was the creation of the Elixir of Life and Death, a substance that brings whoever drinks it either eternal life or sudden death. Upon creating it, they both drank it. William died and became a Corrupted Soul, but Aldous ascended to a higher state of being, as Mr. Crow.

James Vanderboom, their heir, also created the Elixir using their instructions. He feeds some to his dog, who becomes immortal. However, when James drinks it himself, he dies as a result.

James' son, Albert Vanderboom, is also a successful alchemist, managing to create himself a daughter using his own semen and Ida's egg.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: Roots Edit

In the very final chapter of the game, after all secrets have discovered, the player finds William and Aldous before the first stage of the game, as they attempt to create the Elixir of Life. The Elixir is found by the combination of various reagents, with four being given at the start; Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Note: Reagents 1 and 2 can be placed in any order, but the item added first will be lost

Reagent 1 Reagent 2 Creation
Air Water Cloud
Air Earth Dust
Fire Earth Lava
Water Earth Clay
Cloud Earth Plant
Dust Fire Gunpowder
Plant Water Algae
Algae Earth


Small Eggs
Algae Water Shell
Algae Small Eggs Fish
Small Eggs Water Shrimp
Shell Sand/



Plant Air Tree
Clay Fire Pot
Pot Plant Vase
Lava Air Stone
Stone Air Sand
Sand Fire Glass
Glass Water Glass with Water
Stone Fire Metal
Metal Fire Electricity
Metal Stone Blade
Blade Tree Wood
Blade Wood Knife
Wood Fire Camp Fire
Camp Fire Air Coal
Coal Fire Diamond
Chalk Small Eggs/


Egg Glass Elixir
Electricity Glass Lamp
Egg Lamp Crow
Plant Lamp Fruit
Fruit Fire Sugar
Sugar Fire Caramel
Electricity Metal Wire
Gunpowder Wire Dynamite
Dynamite Fire Dust
Electricity Blade Blender
Fruit Blender Fruit Juice
Plant Sand Grain
Grain Glass with water Vodka
Fruit Juice Vodka Cocktail*
Fish Diamond White Cube*
Crow White Cube Black Cube*

The first Elixir to be created will be added as an inventory item and not a movable object. Any future Elixirs will be noncollectable, though they can be stored in the cabinet like any other reagent.

None of the items beyond the Elixir have any use in the stage beyond creating other reagents or end product items that cannot be used further. If the game is played via Steam, items marked with a * will unlock an achievement.

Icon512 Cube Escape: The Cave Edit

While in The Cave, Mr. Crow, who is back in his human form of Aldous, collects a sample of dog faeces from the family dog, after feeding it a human arm. Using a microscope, he extracts a trace amount of the Elixir fed to the dog many years previously, mixing it with water to create a new Elixir, which he shares with Mr. Owl.

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