This article is about programming errors. For the recurring insect, see The Beetle.

Bugs, in computer terms, are errors in the coding of a program that produces unintended results. Some of the games produced by the developers Rusty Lake have these bugs within them, though most are only very minor and do not often affect game play.

Bugs Bugs Edit

The Lake Cube Escape: The Lake Edit

  • The inventory of the game only allows 12 items to be held. If a 13th item is gathered, it will sit outside the inventory and be unable to be used.
  • After you cut the shrimp and get the key, you can pick up and put down the shrimp head to get more keys. Given the inventory bug above, this is not recommended.

Seasons Cube Escape: Seasons Edit

  • When the player returns to Spring from Winter, using the golden key on the pot of water may result in the key disappearing and being replaced by a shrimp.

Case 23 Cube Escape: Case 23 Edit

  • The Shell that appears during the third chapter is mislabeled as "Shelf".
  • The title screen between stages have been known, on some systems, to rapidly flicker back and forth between each other when the player changes scene. The exact cause of this is unknown, but it is a rare bug to encounter, and reloading the page usually solves the issue.

Rusty Lake Hotel Rusty Lake Hotel Edit

  • The background of Ms. Pheasant's photoshoot could not be correctly painted if "Effects" were turned on. This was later patched for all versions of the game.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: Roots Edit

  • Repeatedly tapping on a collectible item may result in multiple copies being added to the player's inventory.
  • In The Stars, Entering ROVE (instead of LOVE) into the chest containing the timepiece can still open the chest.
  • After collecting the seed from William Vanderboom, it is possible to leave and return to the screen again, collecting a new seed. This may be repeatedly done to fill all 18 inventory slots with seeds.
  • The item "telescope" is mislabeled as "binoculars".

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