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Cube Escape: Harvey's Box is the fourth installment of the Cube Escape series, released on June 2015. You play as Harvey, the pet parrot trapped in a cardboard box while being moved from the Room to the Cabin in the year 1969. Using the objects inside and a little help from a pigeon, the player must find a way to escape the box.

Characters CharactersEdit

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Walkthrough WalkthroughEdit

Part 1 (Departing the Room)Edit

The box is still in the Room.

Where am i going?
  • Pick up a piece of tape by the glass.
  • Go right.
  • Pick up a piece of tape on the domino stack.
  • Go right.
  • Focus on the matchboxes.
  • Open the bottom matchbox to get a piece of tape.
  • Open the top matchbox to get a match.
  • Light the match by striking it on the matchbox.
  • Defocus.
  • Focus on the fruit.
  • Pick up a piece of tape on the fruit.
  • Defocus and go right.
  • Take the safety pin by the fruit.
  • Focus on the papers.
  • Arrange the tapes to uncover the clue.
  • Memorize the song notes and the picture on the tapes.
  • Defocus and go left.
  • Focus on the comb.
  • Play the song notes according to the tapes:
    • B, B, D, D, B, B, #G, A, B, D, B, A, #G, A
  • Get the silver key.
  • Defocus.
  • Focus on the matchboxes.
  • Open the cigar box lock using the silver key.
  • Get the knife, cigar, and paper.
  • Defocus.
  • Focus on the fruit.
  • Arrange the four fruit spikes according to the tapes by clicking them.
    • From the left: zero, two, two, one.
  • Click the fruit to open it.
  • Focus on and enter the fruit. Keep clicking until you see the birds-eye view of the box.
What is this place?
I need to get out of here.

Part 2 (Arriving at the Cabin)Edit

The box has now arrived at Rusty Lake.

  • Focus on the paper in your inventory.
  • Defocus and go left.
  • Use the knife to open the jar.
  • Focus on the jar.
  • Arrange the bugs according to the paper:
Fly Larvae Larvae Fly Fly Larvae
Larvae Larvae Fly Larvae Fly Fly
Fly Fly Larvae Fly Larvae Larvae
Larvae Fly Fly Larvae Larvae Fly
Fly Larvae Fly Larvae Fly Larvae
Larvae Fly Larvae Fly Larvae Fly
  • Get the three fireflies.
  • Defocus.
  • Focus on the domino stack.
  • Arrange the dominoes starting with number 6 to cover all the shaded parts.
    • A suggested solution:
3 3 5 5 3 3 2
1 2 6
1 6 6 4 4 2 2
1 4 4
4 1 4
4 4 4 1 1 5 5
  • Tear the paper between the dominoes.
  • Defocus.
  • Focus on the box paper in your inventory.
  • Memorize the poses.
  • Defocus and go left.
  • Arrange the objects to match the pose from the paper.
    • Put the cigar on the fish's mouth and light it.
    • Cross the fish's leg.
    • Arrange both of the crow's arms so one touches the beak and the other one is raised.
  • Pick up the spoon.
  • Go left.
  • There is a pigeon poking at the box.
  • Use the knife to cut a hole at it.
  • Click the pigeon and memorize its sound.
  • Go right.
  • Click the glass base to fill it.
  • Use the spoon to play the sound imitating the pigeon on the glass.
    • Glass filling for each note: full, half, quarter, near empty, full.
  • Go right.
  • Hook the safety pin into the two holes in the box, to the left of the jar.
  • The pigeon will provide a string. Pull it down until it's tied to the safety pin.
  • Click up to find the Corrupted Soul.
  • Release the fireflies immediately to prevent the Soul from getting to you.
  • The Soul will turn into a black cube. Click it to finish the game.

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