Dale's Grandfather is the grandfather of Dale Vandermeer, and the father of either Mr. or Mrs. Vandermeer. He appears when Dale enters a cube taking him back to a childhood memory in 1939.

Birthday.png Cube Escape: Birthday[edit | edit source]

He spends most of his time in his rocking chair, asking the player to get him some gin and ice, and then for some music. Once the player puts on a record, Dale's Grandfather will get up off of his chair and dance briefly before sitting down again. He appears to be slightly senile, speaking almost entirely in single word commands.

After the attack on the party by Mr. Rabbit, he dies from a bullet to the head. When time is reversed by the blue cube, Dale's Grandfather is brought back to life, and somehow is able to remember what had happened. He asks the player to open his small chest and get him his pistol. This time when Mr. Rabbit breaks through the door, Dale's Grandfather shoots him first.

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