Deer Steak With Mushrooms and Rosemary is one of the meals that the player has to serve in Rusty Lake Hotel, to be dinner for the Hotel's guests.

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The ingredients for this dinner are Mr. Deer’s meat, mushrooms, and rosemary, but only the deer meat is necessary for the player to collect. The player must give all the ingredients to Mr. Toad for him to cook, before serving it to the other guests.

Ingredients IngredientsEdit

Deer MeatEdit

The deer meat is available by killing Mr. Deer in Room 1. The player must poison him via the Bloody Mary he ordered. 


The mushrooms are available through Mr. Owl’s portrait. On the first night, the player go to the front desk and wait for Mr. Owl to call from the telephone. Only after answering his call will the mushrooms appear on the hand of his portrait for you to collect.


The rosemary is available through the trophy on Mr. Deer’s room. After ‘growing’ both of the antlers, the rosemary will come out of the left antler.

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