The Harvey Wallbanger is a drink consisting of orange juice, vodka, and Galliano.

Theatre Cube Escape: TheatreEdit

To complete the game, the player is required to give this drink to Bob, the lone man sitting at the bar. It will be his second drink. The ingredients are mixed into a cocktail glass. When it's given to Bob, he will bang his head onto the counter, causing blood to flow from his forehead. This blood is collected in another glass, and will later be used to make the Bloody Mary.

Ingredients IngredientsEdit

  • The Orange Juice is on the back bar.
  • The Galliano is on the back bar.
  • The Vodka is on the back bar.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • This drink bears a resemblance to one cocktail in real-life: Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail, which is made with the same ingredients.
  • The drink's name, as with the other two mandatory drinks, is used as a pun in Cube Escape: Theatre, since after drinking it, Bob bangs his head onto the counter, in imitation of the name Harvey Wallbanger.
    • This drink has no such connection to the character Harvey, despite the similar names

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