Player Characters Edit

The character being played in each game in the Rusty Lake series.

The Woman Edit

Laura Vanderboom, more commonly known as simply 'The Woman', is one of the main characters in the Cube Escape series of games. Haunted by mental illness her whole life, Laura's death and subsequent investigation is the driving force of the story.

Vincent van Gogh Edit

The genuine man himself, Vincent van Gogh lives with his friend Paul in a small house in the French city of Arles. A talented painter, but mentally unsound, Vincent struggles to balance the two sides of his life.

Harvey Edit

A pet parrot, first seen in the ownership of The Woman, Harvey has a much more complicated life than initially suggested. A former concierge at the Rusty Lake Hotel, Harvey is still willing to be helpful and friendly whenever members of the cast require it.

Dale Vandermeer Edit

A homicide detective for the local police, Dale Vandermeer is the one assigned to investigate the mysterious death of the unidentified 'Woman'. After a year of research and obsession, Dale eventually finds himself drawn to Rusty Lake, with the suggestion that his involvement there is not by chance.

Mr. Crow Edit

Receptionist at Rusty Lake Hotel and Mr. Owl's second hand man, Mr. Crow is the man in charge of extracting the memories of the deceased hotel guests, in turn making him the creator of the Corrupted Souls. His motives may be mysterious, and his morals suspect, but he often acts as a helpful guide to the other characters.

Major Characters Edit

Characters with an important role in the series.

Corrupted Souls Edit

Shadowy black figures who stalk the grounds of Rusty Lake, Corrupted Souls are formed from the extraction of memories.

Mr. Owl Edit

Owner and proprietor of Rusty Lake Hotel, Mr. Owl has a vested interest in feeding extracted memories to the lake.

Bob Edit

As her ex-boyfriend, Bob blames himself for Laura Vanderboom's death, which has driven him to alcoholism, and an unfriendly relationship with Dale.

The Hand Edit

Possibly the most unusual character in the series, The Hand is, as the name suggests, a human hand, that appears periodically to hand characters some handy items.

Rusty Lake Hotel Edit

Guests and Staff of the Rusty Lake Hotel. All characters appear alive only in Rusty Lake Hotel.

Guests Edit

Staff Edit

Vandermeer Family Edit

Dale Vandermeer's family, who appear only in Cube Escape: Birthday

Vanderboom Family Edit

Members of the Vanderboom Family, who only appear in Rusty Lake: Roots.

Eilander Family Edit

Members of the Eilander Family, who only appear in Rusty Lake Paradise.

Minor Characters Edit

Characters with only minor roles, including single game characters and animals without a speaking role.

Humans Edit

Animals Edit

  • The Cat: Cube Escape: Case 23, Cube Escape: Birthday
  • The Cow: Cube Escape: The Mill
  • The Dog: Rusty Lake: Roots, Cube Escape: The Cave

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