The Memory Extractor is a machine used to extract memories from dead bodies and make them into cubes. It is powered by the Mill.

The Mill.png Cube Escape: The Mill[edit | edit source]

It is operated to extract the memories of the Woman. As she is hung upside down, her head inserted into the top of the machine.

The machine scans the her brain, forming her good memories into a white cube. When the cube is put into the Lake, it reveals a code that can be input into the machine. This allows the player to form her bad memories into a black cube, but this corrupts her body and her Soul escapes from the machine.

Trivia.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before merging into a cube, the stack of memories will show the top three layers of images (the rest would be too faint to see), respectively being the memories from the third, second, and first row of the last column.
  • A similar device appears in Rusty Lake Hotel, in the room of Mrs. Pigeon. Notes on the wall show the process of electricity passing through the brain and cubes being created.

Gallery.png Gallery[edit | edit source]

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