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When putting an icon to a page's heading, you can use the 'Pic' Template. When inserted into a page it will offer three entry fields that determine its properties. The first entry field is the size in pixels, this should be 32. The second field is the name of the picture to be used.

For most of the Cube Escape games, the name of the icon is the name of the game, minus Cube Escape. For example, Cube Escape: Seasons only requires the entry 'Seasons'. There are two exceptions, Cube Escape: Harvey's Box uses 'Harveys Box' (note the lack of apostrophe), Cube Escape: The Cave uses 'Icon512', and Cube Escape: Paradox uses 'ParadoxIcon'.

For Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake: Roots, the name of the icon is the full title of the game, though like in Harvey's Box, Rusty Lake: Roots loses the colon.

Other headings are more simple; Trivia uses Trivia, Soundtrack uses Soundtrack, Gallery uses Gallery, etc. Entries that appear rarely, or only once, do not typically have icons.

The third entry field is the page that the icon will link to. This is an optional field; if it's left empty, the link will lead to the same name as the image file. For games, this should link to the proper name of the game; for Characters and Locations should list to List of Characters and List of Locations respectively.

For more information on recommended page style for other sections of a page, see the Style Guide.

Example Edit

To add the Trivia icon, enter the information in this order:

  • 1: 32
  • 2: Trivia
  • 3: (blank).

It ends up looking like this:


For Cube Escape: Seasons, enter it like this:

  • 1: 32
  • 2: Seasons
  • 3: Cube Escape: Seasons

This will end up looking like this:


Other than the exceptions mentioned earlier, these two examples should cover all criteria.