Pheasant Breast in White Wine and Thyme is one of the meals that the player has to serve in Rusty Lake Hotel, to be dinner for the Hotel's guests.

Rusty Lake Hotel Rusty Lake HotelEdit

The ingredients for this dinner are Ms. Pheasant’s meat, a glass of white wine, and a sprig of thyme, but only the breast is necessary for the player to collect. The player must give all the ingredients to Mr. Toad for him to cook, before serving it to the other guests.

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Pheasant BreastEdit

The pheasant breast is available by killing Ms. Pheasant in Room 3. The player must assist her in her photo shoot before she commits suicide with a pistol.

White WineEdit

The white wine is found in the lobby of the Hotel, but is only accessible after killing Mrs. Pigeon. For 100% completion, the player must kill Mrs. Pigeon before Ms. Pheasant. If the wine is collected after the Pheasant Breast is cooked, it will be unusable.


The Thyme is found on the clock in Ms. Pheasant's room, initially as a bud. It must be clicked first to make it grow into a full plant, and then harvested. Its presence on the clock is probably an intentional pun, and Thyme and Time are homophones.

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