Pigeon in Blackberry Sauce with Potatoes is one of the meals that the player has to serve in Rusty Lake Hotel, to be dinner for the Hotel's guests.

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The ingredients for this dinner are Mrs. Pigeon’s meat, blackberries, and potatoes, but only the breast is necessary for the player to collect. The player must give all the ingredients to Mr. Toad for him to cook, before serving it to the other guests.

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Pigeon WingEdit

The pigeon wing is available by killing Mrs. Pigeon in Room 5. The player must electrocute her in her bathtub by powering up her Van de Graaff generator.


The blackberries are found in her room. There is a large machine that must be opened with a combination code. Inside of this contraption is a small Bird that is electrocuted every time the lever is pulled. After shocking the bird six times, it will cough up blackberries.


The potatoes are found in the lobby of the Hotel. When it is night, a falling star is seen through the big window, and it becomes dark. Mr. Bat hides on the ceiling, and the player must chase him around the lobby until the lights are back on. Speaking to him, he will give the player the potatoes.

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