This article is about the location. For the game, see Samsara Room.

The Samsara Room is the location of the game of the same name. It may have been the motivation for the Room in Cube Escape: Seasons.

SamsaraRoom Samsara RoomEdit

There are four walls within this room, as well as a viewable ceiling. There is a green wall with a grandfather clock, which has a dead body locked inside. There is a striped wall with a mirror and telephone, as well as a patterned wall with a dresser. And lastly, there is another patterned wall with a window overlooking a lake, but it can be peeled away with a knife to reveal a strange mechanical portal. By going through the portal, the player will see the room from the outside, as a cube.

The room will appear differently, depending on which type of being the player is turned into. As a human, the room is normal, but it changes by placing different animals on the pentagram-shaped drawing on the floor. As a fish, the room is filled with water. As a gecko, the room is upside-down, with the player standing on the ceiling. As a caterpillar, the player is at eye-level with the carpet, and as a bird, there are no visible walls in the room.

Soundtrack Soundtrack Edit

  • The music used for the Normal Room is called "Smoother Move".
  • The music used for the Fish Room is called "Controlled Chaos - No Percussion".
  • The music used for the Gecko Room is called "Mourning Song".
  • The music used for the Caterpillar Room is called "Gymnopedie No. 1". It was composed by Erik Satie.
  • The music used for the Forest area is called "Bent and Broken".
  • The music used for the Bird Room is called "Virtutes Vocis".

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