The Shrimp is an item that has appeared in several of the Rusty Lake games.

The Lake Cube Escape: The LakeEdit

A shrimp can be caught with a fishing rod if an insect is used as the bait. When it is cut on the cutting board, a key is found inside, which opens a cupboard in the Cabin. If the player uses the Shrimp's head as bait, it will catch a drowned body, that then appears as a Corrupted Soul

Seasons Cube Escape: SeasonsEdit

When the player opens the safe during the Summer season, the Shrimp will be inside. It must then be placed into the oven to cook. When the oven door is opened, the Lake is seen. The Woman will be standing in the water, and turn into a Corrupted Soul before disappearing and leaving a black cube.

The Mill Cube Escape: Case 23Edit

It can be found in fish bowl in the first stage of the game, The Murder Scene. When clicked it will wiggle its legs, which will push any flies dropped into the bowl right and upwards, away from the mouth of the Fish and towards the Shell, where it will turn into a firefly.

Rusty Lake Hotel Rusty Lake HotelEdit

Five shrimp are seen at the very start of the game, when the guests first arrive at the Hotel. Mr. Crow asks the player that they give them each the "local delicacy" of a shrimp cocktail, containing a shrimp as garnish. None of the guests are too thrilled about this cocktail, thinking of it as strange, with the possible exception of Mr. Boar, who simply burps.

Rusty Lake Paradise Rusty Lake Paradise Edit

A shrimp is found at the very start of the game, once David fishes it out of the currently bleeding Lake. It is given to Gerard, as a toll for him to open up the gate to Paradise Island. It is then seen on the plate of Nicholas, and must be broken open to obtain the leech that is inside.

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