All the Rusty Lake games have background music that plays during game-play. From Cube Escape: Seasons to Cube Escape: The Mill, Rusty Lake used royalty-free music by composer and music producer Kevin MacLeod. From Rusty Lake Hotel onward, soundtracks were specially commissioned by Rusty Lake from composer Victor Butzelaar.

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  • The music used for the menu screen for all games before Rusty Lake Hotel is called "Blue Sizzle".
  • "The Lake Suite" is a record that appears in Cube Escape: Birthday and Rusty Lake: Roots. Its music is called 'Hot Swing', by Kevin MacLeod.
  • In Cube Escape: Seasons, a cassette tape featuring an excerpt from the overture of Beethoven's Egmont Op. 84 can be played, with the label naming it "My Favourite Song". It then appears later in the game, played on the radio. A variation is also heard in Cube Escape: Theatre after the notes "B-A-D-E-G-G" are played on the piano. This version comes with an accompaniment by Harvey.
  • In Rusty Lake Hotel, the radio found in Mrs. Pigeon's room will play different other tracks from the game. Setting it at 80 will play 'Deer Room', setting it at 90 will play 'Boar Room', setting it at 100 will play 'Pheasant Room' and setting it at 110 will play 'Lobby Theme (Daytime)'.

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