Tarot Cards are minor item in the Rusty Lake series, appearing in only one game.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: RootsEdit

Tarot Cards first appear in 1889 alongside the fortune teller Ida, as part of her act. The player must arrange the cards on her table, first according to the symbols shown on various voodoo dolls, then later by the scenes shown in her crystal ball. When both are done, Ida shows the player a vision of the future.

Tarot cards later appear in 1896 as part of a game played by Samuel, Ida, Albert and Mary. The player must give each character a card according to how many lies they tell, as shown on the rules sheet. Initially, the Chariot is the only card on the table, and the Devil, High Priestess and Empress cards are hidden and must be obtained.

The cards then appear at the very end of the game, during the hidden ending. Most of them are hidden inside James' briefcase, alongside a gold emblem, and give clues to the location of many other emblems. Two cards are found in other locations; inside a cabinet and behind the wall of the well. Ida's cards also reappear during this section, to be rearranged again, this time according to the symbols on the new cards.

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