The Cat is a minor character appearing in two of the Cube Escape games.

Case 23 Cube Escape: Case 23Edit

A grey cat hides inside Dale Vandermeer's office in 1972, sitting in the air vents. It only stares at Dale when he tries to interact with it, and wants to be fed.

Dale shaves off his beard in the sink, and when he turns on the faucet the water clumps the beard hair together. Trying to pick up the hair clump reveals that it is, in fact, a baby crow. Dale picks up the crow and feeds it to the Cat, which leaves him a black egg in return.

Birthday Cube Escape: BirthdayEdit

In the Vandermeer house in 1939, there is a black cat on the floor by Dale's Grandfather. After Mr. Rabbit comes in and shoots everyone, the cat jumps onto a nearby table. There is a mousetrap on the floor, on which the player can stick a fly as bait. Eventually a fish is caught by the trap, which can be fed to the cat. In exchange for the meal, the cat will give the player a key to one of the locked cupboards in the kitchen.

Gallery GalleryEdit