This article is about the location. For the game, see Cube Escape: The Cave.

The Cave is a location close to the edge of Rusty Lake. It was first alluded to in Cube Escape: Case 23, and appeared in Rusty Lake: Roots. However, it was not until Cube Escape: The Cave that it featured in a game directly.

Case 23 Cube Escape: Case 23 Edit

Near the end of the first chapter of the game, Dale discovers the code to a locked safe in the Woman's living room and opens it, revealing a file containing several photos. One of them is of the Cave. In the second chapter of the game, the photos from the first chapter appear pinned onto a bulletin board in Dale's office. Also, there is a map of the landmarks surrounding Rusty Lake, on which the Cave appears.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: Roots Edit

The Cave does not directly appear in this game either, but shows up in the background for much of the game. The player can see what seems to be the Cave in a telescope, during the levels "Masks" (1885) and "The Search" (1891).

Icon512 Cube Escape: The Cave Edit

This is the first game during which the Cave appears physically as one of the game's settings. In 1972, Mr. Crow, in human form, enters the cave and meets the Vanderboom family dog, who seems to have been living there, as well as a diving suit wearing Mr. Owl. The Cave's room is well furnished, with a cabinet containing an important book, a chest of drawers and shelving, and a large door leading to the Forest access pool and submersible. A number of cracks appear in the walls during the course of the game, and one nook contains four perpetually dripping stalactites.

Trivia Trivia Edit

  • The stars on the Rusty Lake: Roots Christmas Contest New Year's card spell out a cube, followed by the letters C-A-V-E. This was a clue hinting at the later appearance of the Cave in Cube Escape: The Cave.

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