The Dog is a minor character in the Rusty Lake series, first appearing as a puppy owned by James Vanderboom.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: RootsEdit

He appears in 1860, running alongside James as they move into their new house. When given a bone, he digs up some dirt to place the seed of the tree into. In 1867, he is present when Mary is ready to give birth. He has a key on his collar, but will bark at the player if they try to take it from him. After Mary has delivered her babies, her placenta can be fed to the Dog. He eats it and falls asleep, allowing the player to take the key, which opens the cabinet containing the baby bottles.

After the rediscovery of William and Aldous Vanderboom's secret alchemy laboratory in 1870, the Dog accompanies James when he attempts to recreate the Elixir of Life. With the Elixir complete, the player can pour a small drop into his dog dish, and he will drink it. Although James dies after drinking the Elixir, the Dog becomes immortal.

He is later seen in the ownership of Rose. In 1924, he follows Rose to the well where her cousin Frank fell down many years before. Frank manages to fly out a paper airplane to Rose, and requests a drink to be sent down the well via the bucket. Using a cup, the player collects the Dog's urine and sends it down to Frank. Then in 1932, Rose and the Dog travel to the graveyard by the Chapel where the Vanderbooms are buried. The player can take the bone from the Dog's mouth, and use it to complete the skeleton Rose has dug up, in order to retrieve the gold timepiece.

Icon512 Cube Escape: The CaveEdit

In 1972, the Dog is seen in the Cave with its food dish. On the back of the Book found in the Cave, it details that there are traces of the last Elixir inside the Dog. This extract is needed to turn Aldous back into Mr. Crow. After feeding the ground meat of an arm to him, he poops, and the dropping is taken by the player. Under a microscope trace amounts of the Elixir are extracted from the turd, and added to the bottle of water to complete the Elixir again.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • In the chapter "The Graveyard", he is seen holding a right upper leg bone in his mouth.

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