The Fisherman is a minor character, seen through the periscope of the Submarine while he sits fishing in a small boat on the surface of Rusty Lake.

Icon512 Cube Escape: The CaveEdit

When Mr. Crow manuevers the Submarine out to collect the blue cube, he can see a fishing hook dangling into the water nearby. Looking through the periscope allows him to see the Fisherman in his boat. He does not move beyond the rocking motion of the boat, and his fish rack is empty. If the player chases three fish onto his hook, he will keep them and stand up, waving his arms into the shape of three letters; K, I and T, spelling 'KIT'. If these letters are entered into the valve in the Submarine, it will give the player a fishhook.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • As he is fishing on Rusty Lake, he may be a current guest of the Rusty Lake Hotel, since Rusty Lake advertises its fishing opportunities alongside its mental health services.
  • This character is not to be confused with the player character in Cube Escape: The Lake, who also fishes. While not mentioned in game, this character is in fact The Woman.

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