The Graveyard is a minor location near Rusty Lake. It is located next to the Chapel. Several members of the Vanderboom family are buried here upon their deaths.

Rusty Lake Roots Rusty Lake: RootsEdit

In 1932, Rose spends a night grave-robbing with her dog in the graveyard to find the gold timepiece. She digs up her deceased relatives' bones and uses them to form a new skeleton. Once the skeleton is complete, the gold timepiece emerges from its jaw.

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  • The type of gravestone a family member gets appears to depend on which generation they belonged to. Second generation family members get wooden crosses, and third generation family members get stone graves engraved with their personal symbol. The exception is Albert, whose grave is marble.
  • It is unclear if the section of the graveyard shown in Rusty Lake: Roots is owned by the Vanderbooms, or if family members are just buried here after their deaths.
  • The years on the graves are wrong at times; Emma's may read 1899 instead of 1896; Mary's 1902 instead of 1904; James' 1842 instead of 1870.

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