The Old Woman is a minor character, and a resident of the Mill. She seems to have a relationship with Mr. Crow, living with him in the mill and sharing a picture with him.

The Mill Cube Escape: The MillEdit

She lives inside of the cupboard on the main floor of the Mill in 1972, with only a blanket to keep her warm. She gives the player her gold tooth and hair, and will knit things in exchange for food. First she asks for warm milk, and knits an oven mitt in exchange for it. Secondly, she asks for grilled duck, and the player must use the oven mitt to get the duck out of the hot oven. For the duck, she knits a small net so the player can retrieve a Fish and grill it for her. After her final meal, she knits a sturdy rope for the player to attach to the Memory Extractor.

Creating the black cube from the Woman's negative memories turns her into a Corrupted Soul. After the cube is placed into the Lake, the Soul escapes and kills the Old Woman.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • There is a photo of her and Mr. Crow in his human form on the top floor of the Mill.

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