The Submarine is a small, cube-shaped submersible craft that appears in Cube Escape: The Cave. It is entered and piloted in the second half of the game, where Mr. Crow uses it to explore the Forest underneath Rusty Lake.

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Mr. Crow enters the Submarine in the Cave after opening the door between the cave's main room and the pool leading to Rusty Lake. Initially it is hanging from a chain and must be lowered into the water.

The inside of the submarine is more spacious than it appears from the outside, with a large and complex set of controls. The navigation system is operated from a series of machines, powered by the Gem and various Cubes. These can be used to alter the orientation of the craft and move it a number of units forwards. Another control allows the depth to be changed. Two of the walls have windows, with one showing the submarine's Cube collection claw arm, and one having a connected pipe for catching the various Fish. There is also a periscope by the controls that shows the view above the boat.

The final wall holds the sonar, along with a desk and map of Rusty Lake, used to plot and calculate the locations of various cubes. When the correct plots are entered into the sonar, the inside of the submarine becomes bathed in a faint green light.

After finding all the cubes and sailing to the bottom of The Forest, the submarine is attacked and damaged by the Corrupted Soul of Mr. Boar.

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  • The track that plays in the Submarine is named "The Submarine". Like the other tracks in the Cube Escape: The Cave soundtrack, it can be purchased through

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • The view outside the windows of the submarine changes depending on the player's location within the lake. While still in The Cave it shows stone outside, but in most other locations it shows the Forest. Often, the view of the Forest is simply trees, but in certain positions there may be other small objects and structures.

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