The Young Bird is a minor character, appearing in the room of Mrs. Pigeon in 1893.

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The Bird is hidden inside Mrs. Pigeon's strange machine, which can only be opened with a combination code. They are locked in place, wearing a helmet attached to two wires that sends electricity through them whenever the lever is pushed. Mrs. Pigeon is using the Bird to test her theories on the use of running electricity through the brain to create cubes.

Once the Bird is freed, they move over to the electrical switch and hold the lever down to complete the circuit. Now the player can push the button, activating the Van de Graaff generator, which electrocutes Mrs. Pigeon to death in her bathtub.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • After electrocuting the Bird six times, it will cough up blackberries needed for Mrs. Pigeon's dinner.
  • The machine appears very similar to the tanks Mr. Owl uses to hold the black cubes.
  • The squacks that the Bird makes whenever it is electrocuted are identical to the ones that Harvey makes in the Spring in Cube Escape: Seasons.

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