The Rusty Lake games do not take place in chronological order, with some involving travel to previous years within their own direct timeline. This page contains an approximate timeline for known events in the Rusty Lake series, including both the Cube Escape series and the premium games Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Roots and Rusty Lake Paradise. Please note that this timeline contains some speculation and is subject to change as new games are released.

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20,000 BCEdit

  • 20,000 BC - ?????

1700 - 1800 Edit

  • 1750: Summer - Caroline Eilander is born.
  • 1775: Winter - Jakob Eilander is born
  • 1796: Spring, April 22 - Nicholas Eilander writes a letter to his son Jakob, informing him of his mother's death.
  • The events of Rusty Lake Paradise take place:
    • Jakob returns to Paradise Island during the first plague: "Water turns into blood". With the help of his brother, David Eilander, he enters, showing his uncle, Gerard Eilander, a shrimp. Jakob saves the family from the leeches and meets the Corrupted Soul of his mother who tells him to bring her memories to the lake. In the water, he finds his mother's coffin with a black cube inside. The cube shows him five figures wearing animal masks, asking for a sacrifice and enlightement. In the temple, Jakob puts the cube in the lake through the well and eradicates the first plague.
    • During the second plague, "Frogs", Jakob, with the help of the blind sister, Elizabeth Eilander, captures some frogs that are cooked by the grandmother, Margaret Eilander. He sees the image of a man wearing a deer mask reflected in a bowl. Jakob gives the frog soup to his uncle, who vomits a key used for opening a box with a black cube inside. The cube shows Caroline singing a lullaby to baby Jakob. Jakob uses it to vanquish the second plague.
    • Third plague: "Gnats and lices". Elizabeth cuts Gerard's ear off whilst she cuts his hair infested by lice. Jakob gives the ear to a carnivorous plant. He helps his brother who needs to raise his blood sugar level, but a cluster of insects surrounds David, who becomes a larva. He puts some vases under the portrait of his mother; the painting falls attacked by the insects, revealing a black cube. The cube shows a scene of the past with the Eilander family, whilst the petals of a rose Caroline is holding fly away. Using the black cube, Jakob vanquishes the plague. Harvey appears in the window of the temple (if flowers are placed in the bowl in the window).
    • During the fourth plague, "Flies", David emerges from the larva, becoming a fly-man hybrid. He kills some animals whilst the members of the family hide. With the meat of the killed animals which he puts in the totem, Jakob finds a diamond. Thanks to the diamond, he enters the tower, where Nicholas is attacked by the fly-man. Here, Jakob finds a book written by his mother about the elixir of life and death and a black cube that shows him a scene of the past where his father tells him about a sacrifice. Using it, Jakob eradicates the plague.
    • Fifth plague: "Diseased livestock": Jakob, with Margaret's help, prepares a Rusty Lake Burger for Gerard, using meat from the diseased animals. His uncle goes to the toilet, where Jakob finds a black cube, showing him the depths of the well, where Caroline is writing the formular for the elixir on the wall. Gerard is hit with intestinal disease after eating the sick animals' meat. Nicholas feels better after David's attack. A boar appears near the temple. Jakob uses the cube to vanquish the plague.
    • During the sixth plague, "Boils", Jakob gives a bottle of blood to a Plague Doctor to enter Paradise. Helped by the doctor, Jakob prepares medicine for a sick dying Gerard, using blood and Margaret's snot, saliva and tears. Gerard's heart is replaced with a clockwork. Putting Gerard's heart in the clock, Jakob finds a black cube, showing him a little Jakob near a man wearing a deer mask with a bloody heart in his hand. The cube is used to eradicate the plague.
    • The "Hail" is the seventh plague, which covers everything in ice and snow. Jakob finds David who is returned to his human form in the frozen sea and frees him from the ice. Using a powerful snow globe, Jakob destroys the temple. Inside it, he finds a box with a black cube that shows him a scene of the past, where the man with the deer mask wants to sacrifice him. He is helped by his mother, who decides to take the place of her son. With the cube, the seventh plague is vanquished.
    • During the eight plague, "Locusts", the island is surrounded by a mist. The family members are outside Paradise, in the water, except Elizabeth. A giant mantis kills the goat, and Elizabeth uses the goat's eyes to see, helping Jakob. Following an owl, he finds a key to a box with a mist horn inside. Near the temple, he meets the Corrupted Soul of Caroline. Margaret uses the horn to attract the mantis, revealing a black cube used for eradicate the plague. The cube shows a scene where Caroline asks a little Jakob to leave Paradise.
    • The ninth plague is "Darkness". The family members are gathered around a fire, waiting for the last ritual. Jakob enters the tower. Here, he can observe a bleeding moon. Helped by the other family members, he finds some keys inside a clock with the Zodiac signs and reaches the top of the tower. Using some torches, Jakob leads a giant wicker owl near the temple. In a box, he finds the bones of his mother and a crow's egg. He puts the egg in the fire and sees the shadow of Mr. Crow, then throws the chopped bones of his mother in. The fire goes out, revealing a black cube. It shows Jakob a scene where Caroline is killed at the stake. Using it, the ninth plague is vanquished.
    • The tenth and last plague is "Death of the Firstborn". The family members are ready for the last ritual. Jakob descends into the well, that now is located inside the wicker owl. Here he finds five animal masks. Under the statue of an owl, he finds a black cube. Through it, he sees his mother wearing the mask of an owl, declaring that her memories are not only the key to the past, but also to the future. In the same place, Jakob finds the owl mask. He descends into the lake and returns to the Island, where the ritual is starting. David wears the mask of a rabbit, Elizabeth the mask of a pheasant, Margaret the mask of a pigeon, Gerard the mask of a boar and Nicholas the mask of a deer. Jakob puts the cube in the well and the other family members burn the wicker owl, killing him. He sees the Corrupted Soul of Caroline wearing the mask of the owl, understanding that her memories are the elements of the elixir. He has a vision about Dale Vandermeer with the golden cube and Laura Vanderboom. Jakob reaches enlightement, coming back to life as Mr. Owl. In the last vision Paradise is reborn, becoming the Hotel.
  • 1799: Winter - Aldous Vanderboom is born.

1800 - 1900 Edit

  • 1848: Summer, June 7 - Paul Gauguin is born in France.
  • 1853: Spring, March 30 - Vincent van Gogh is born in the Netherlands.
  • 1859: Spring - Aldous and William Vanderboom reach the last stage of finding the Elixir. When they both drink it, William dies and becomes a Corrupted Soul and Aldous transforms into Mr. Crow.
  • 1860:
    • Spring - James Vanderboom moves into his new house after the death of his uncle William, and plants a tree in the yard, starting off the events of Rusty Lake: Roots.
    • Summer - William's dead body falls out of the grandfather clock, breaking it. The corpse's heart is taken out as a sacrifice.
  • 1865: Summer - James proposes to his girlfriend, who would later become Mary Vanderboom.
  • 1866: Winter - Ida Reiziger is born
  • 1867: Spring, April 26 - Emma, Samuel and Albert Vanderboom are born.
  • 1870: Summer -
    • James Vanderboom discovers the entrance to the secret alchemy laboratory of his uncle William.
    • July 25 - James creates the Elixir, and gives it to his Dog first to ensure its safety. The Dog lives, and in reality becomes immortal. When James drinks the Elixir, he dies.
    • James' wake is held later in that season, and his tongue is cut out as a sacrifice.
  • 1876: Spring - Samuel, Emma and Albert Vanderboom play outside their house, trying to catch a butterfly. Samuel makes a beehive fall onto Albert's head, resulting in a disfiguring scar. Mr. Crow appears, revealing the obscure future of the children but also the importance of the Vanderboom legacy.
  • 1884: Spring - Emma Vanderboom is impregnated by a flower, leading to the birth of Frank Vanderboom.
  • 1885: Spring - Albert Vanderboom tries on some masks, and stabs the butterfly from his childhood to death.
  • 1888: October - The events of Cube Escape: Arles unfold in van Gogh's bedroom.
    • Vincent van Gogh cuts off his ear. Entering it, he goes to another version of his bedroom. Here, he defeats his Corrupted Soul in the mirror and escapes from his room, using a black cube and a white cube.
  • 1889: The companies producing Rusty Lake Cigars and Rusty Lake Pilsener are founded.
  • 1889:
    • Spring - Samuel Vanderboom repairs his family clock.
    • Summer - Ida, the travelling fortune teller, predicts the future of Samuel and his family with tarot cards and her crystal ball.
  • 1890: Summer, July 29 - Vincent van Gogh dies.
  • 1891: Fall - Albert Vanderboom causes his nephew Frank to fall down a well. Frank's mother, Emma, searches for him, and sends him a letter to be delivered by Harvey.
  • 1893: The events of Rusty Lake Hotel unfold.
  • 1894: The Corrupted Souls of the Hotel guests escape their confinement and attack Harvey, who escapes the Hotel in parrot form.
  • 1895: Winter - Samuel and Ida Vanderboom are married and their wedding photo is taken. They are joined by Mary, Albert, Emma, and their son, Leonard.
  • 1896:
    • Summer - Emma Vanderboom commits suicide by hanging herself, due to her grief over her son's disappearance. She leaves behind a painting depicting her death, and her tears are collected in a bottle as a sacrifice.
    • Winter - Samuel, Ida, Mary, and Albert Vanderboom play a Lying Game, and a crow-headed Soul gives Albert a deer skull that he later uses.

1900 - 1970 Edit

  • 1903: Summer, May 8 - Paul Gauguin dies.
  • 1904: Summer -
    • May 1 - Mary Vanderboom mysteriously dies after the Vanderboom family band finishes playing their song. Her teeth are taken as a sacrifice.
    • Albert Vanderboom kills Samuel and Ida with voodoo dolls. One eye from both Samuel and Ida are taken as sacrifices.
  • 1909: Summer - Rose Vanderboom is born, artificially created by Albert, with his semen and Ida's egg.
  • 1914:
    • Spring - Leonard Vanderboom leaves the House to join the army, shortly before the start of WWI.
    • Summer, July 28 - WWI officially begins.
  • 1918:
    • Fall, November 11 - WWI officially ends.
    • Winter - Leonard returns from WWI, shell-shocked and missing a leg. In his visions, he sees a corrupt soul, his parents, Albert and Mr. Crow. His foot is taken as a sacrifice.
  • 1919: Fall - Rose communicates with the spirit of her great-great uncle William in the attic with an Ouija board, and is informed about the resurrection ritual. She learns that the ritual requires 10 sacrifices and 3 timepieces.
  • 1924: Fall - With help of his cousin, Rose,Frank Vanderboom escapes from the well where he has been trapped for 33 years.
  • 1926: Fall - Frank strangles Albert to death after a game of chess. Albert's brain is cut out and taken as a sacrifice.
  • 1927: Winter - Frank takes a bath and gets a haircut. His hair is collected as a sacrifice.
  • 1929: Fall - Leonard finds the first timepiece in the front yard of the Vanderboom family house.
  • 1930: Winter, December 18 - Dale Vandermeer is born.
  • 1930: Winter - Frank Vanderboom looks up at the stars in the night sky with a telescope in the attic and finds his mother's letter and the second timepiece.
  • 1932: Fall - Rose Vanderboom spends the night grave-robbing her dead relatives in the graveyard by the Chapel, and finds the third timepiece.
  • 1933: Spring - Rose and Frank Vanderboom share a dance. Rose is stabbed in the finger with a needle, and her blood is collected as a sacrifice.
  • 1935: Spring - Frank, Leonard and Rose all become entangled in roots from their family tree, allowing William to be resurrected as a baby, Laura Vanderboom, using the scarifices and the timepieces.
  • 1939: Winter, December 18 - The events of Cube Escape: Birthday unfold.
    • Dale Vandermeer celebrates his 9th birthday, along with his parents and grandfather. The party is interrupted by Mr. Rabbit, who kills Dale's family with a sub-machine gun.
      • In an alternate timeline, Dale undoes his family's death and helps his grandfather shoot Mr. Rabbit before he can attack. Mr. Rabbit is absorbed into a tree and his black cube turns white.
  • 1964: Spring - Cube Escape: Seasons begins.
    • The Woman, Laura Vanderboom, receives a phone call from Mr. Crow and begins to have visions of her Corrupted Soul who is out to kill her.
      • In an alternate timeline, a beam of light from the phone dissipates the shadow from her Soul, and reveals the true form of the Woman.
    • Harvey, her pet parrot, lays an egg, which is boiled and hatches into a black cube.
      • In an alternate timeline, Harvey escapes from the cage and the house.
  • 1966: Mr. Owl gives Dale a watch through a vision in a snow globe. For Dale, it happens in 1939, during the events of Cube Escape: Birthday.
  • 1969: Cube Escape: Harvey's Box and Cube Escape: The Lake both take place at the Cabin.
    • The Woman prepares to visit Rusty Lake, after winning a newspaper competition. Among her packed possessions is a box of cigars and Harvey.
    • Inside of the box, the events of Harvey's Box follow the journey from the Room to the Cabin.
    • Reaching the Cabin, Harvey sees a Corrupted Soul reaching down for her, but the Soul disappears after being attacked by three fireflies.
    • The Woman spends an afternoon fishing, before being attacked in the Cabin by a Corrupted Soul that climbs out from the Lake.
      • In an alternate timeline, the Soul is fought off by a pentagon of light and transforms into a black cube.

1970 - 1981 Edit

  • 1971: Cube Escape: Seasons continues, followed by Cube Escape: Theatre.
    • Summer - The Woman continues to have visions, seeing her own death by the hands of the Corrupted Soul, watching the moon through a telescope.
    • Fall, October 12 -
      • The Woman commits suicide, slicing her own neck. When her body is found, it is not clear to the police if she committed suicide or was murdered.
      • Dale Vandermeer is assigned to the investigation of her death, and begins to discover information about Rusty Lake, talking briefly to Mr. Crow through the telephone.
      • Dale, traveling in the elevator, goes into a cube and visits the Theatre. He speaks to Bob, the Woman's former lover. He refuses to speak to Dale, only talking after he is served drinks. He reveals that he feels dead inside as the result of having his memories taken. Bob commits suicide, becoming a Corrupted Soul.
      • In the Theatre, Dale watches the shows. At the end, Mr. Owl tells him to continue his travel in the elevator. When he enters in it a Corrupted Soul appears.
      • Sometime during this season, Harvey is stabbed in the chest, presumably dying.
        • In an alternate timeline, Harvey is not stabbed, having already left the Room.
  • 1972:
    • Summer - Cube Escape: Case 23 Chapters 2, 3 and 4 all occur in Summer at the Police Station, the Chapel and the Cabin, concurrently with Cube Escape: The Mill.
      • At the Mill, Mr. Crow arranges for the body of the Woman to be transported to him.
      • Dale Vandermeer links the murder to Rusty Lake. He creates a map of several important locations, and places two cubes into his television set.
      • Bob, who is in police custody, murders a Policeman, transforming into a Corrupted Soul and leaving behind a black cube.
      • Mr. Crow extracts the memories of the Woman, taking the cubes to feed Rusty Lake. This causes the corruption of her body. Her Soul murders the residents of the Mill, and holds Harvey hostage, but is persuaded to leave by Mr. Crow.
      • Dale is transported to the Chapel by Mr. Owl, and encounters Mr. Crow, who rows him across the Lake to the Cabin.
      • A Corrupted Soul with antlers tries to attack Dale, but he is able to escape in an elevator that leads down into the Lake.
        • From Dale's own perspective, Birthday and Theatre occur after this moment, though both are implied to be derived from his own memories.
    • Winter - The events of Cube Escape: The Cave play out, followed by Paradox:
      • Mr. Crow enters the Cave, and helps Mr. Owl with the elixir and travels down into the depths of Rusty Lake with a Submarine through the Forest, retrieving the white, black, and blue cubes.
      • The Woman's Soul and Dale are held in the Forest, connected to a machine that creates a golden cube from the other cubes. The golden cube is given to Dale as he ascends in the elevator.
      •  He awakens in the Paradox Room, with no memory of how he got there. After having visions of Laura Vanderboom and receiving a call from Mr. Crow, he solves the puzzles of the room and escapes into The Forest. After navigating the trees, he comes to the edge of Rusty Lake, to see Laura be killed by the Corrupted Soul and leave behind a Cube. He looks into it at starts to see himself, lying in the room as before.
        • In an alternate timeline, Dale drinks the Green Vial, and escape the room with many voices in his head. He eventually sacrifices himself in order to save The Woman.
      • He awakens in the room again. He solves the puzzles again, learning that his time at Rusty Lake has been part of a psychiatric evaluation by Mr. Owl and Mr. Crow. Dale removes his brain and begins to shift between new perspective; the past, the present and the future. He embraces his Corrupted Soul and leaves the room again, going back to the same scene in the lake. This time, he kills Laura as the Corrupted Soul, while his uncorrupted form watches.
        • In an alternate timeline, Dale escapes the room again, this time in the elevator with the Golden Cube.
  • 1981: Cube Escape: Seasons continues into the Winter.
    • The Woman, now a Corrupted Soul, constructs a machine to travel backwards in time and prevent her death using the power of a blue cube. 

Numerous changes are made to the timeline, resulting in the alternate timeline detailed in some of the italic sentences.

Trivia Trivia Edit

  • Earlier versions of Rusty Lake: Roots, as well as the official video walkthroughs, will have some chapters incorrectly dated. These were changed in a later update to fit a correct chronological order. The dates given in this timeline are correct according to the most recent patch.

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