The Vanderboom crest.

The Vanderboom Family are characters whose lives form the central plotline of Rusty Lake: Roots. They own a large house near the shore of Rusty Lake. Their family name, "Vanderboom", means "from the tree" in Dutch.

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Vanderboom Ancestry
William Vanderboom
Aldous Vanderboom
Unknown sibling¹
Mary Vanderboom²
James Vanderboom
A magical flower³
Emma Vanderboom
Samuel Vanderboom
Ida Reiziger
Albert Vanderboom
Frank Vanderboom
Leonard Vanderboom
Rose Vanderboom
Laura Vanderboom

1 James Vanderboom is the nephew of William Vanderboom, but his parentage is unspecified. It is possible he is either the son of Aldous Vanderboom or an unnamed third sibling to the brothers.

2 Mary is only a Vanderboom by marriage but her maiden name is unknown.

3 Frank's father (a flower) is not technically a Vanderboom due to not being married to Emma.

Trivia TriviaEdit

  • William most likely has no children of his own, as his nephew James is named as his only heir after his death. This also suggests that William may be older than Aldous, as he was the original owner of the house.

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