Vincent van Gogh is a minor protagonist, appearing in one of the Cube Escape games. He was a famous 19th century post-impressionist painter.

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Inside of his bedroom in 1888, van Gogh cuts off his ear and places it inside a bowl surrounded by glass bottles, causing the water around the ear to glow. This allows him to travel into his own ear, and he eventually comes across two doors.

The door to the right leads him to his room, but his mirror appears to be flickering. Upon approaching it, his reflection is that of a Corrupted Soul. He shoots it with his pistol, causing it to disappear and leave a white cube. As well, when he finishes a painting he is working on with colors corresponding to letters he finds around his room, it leaves a black cube.

When van Gogh places both cubes onto his door, it opens and leads him out to his "Starry Night" painting.

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