Voodoo Dolls are items that appeared in Rusty Lake: Roots.

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Voodoo dolls first appear in 1889, apparently part of the fortune teller Ida's decoration as she sets up her tent by the Vanderboom family house. There are five in total, with each of them representing a different tarot card. The player must match the symbols on each doll with a space on her table. In this level, they show no magical properties.

Voodoo dolls also appear in 1904, in the possession of Albert. They are used for a much more sinister purpose. Using two in the shape of his brother, Samuel, and his wife Ida, Albert manipulates the pair's actions. He burns Samuel's doll's hands and head, and stabs a pin into the heart of Ida's doll, leading to their eventual death and the extraction of one of each of their eyes, to be used as sacrifices. The same dolls are then seen nailed to the wall of the house, in the company of the newly orphaned Leonard.

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  • Despite being referred to, both in game and commonly in real life, as Voodoo dolls, they have very little prominence in the Voodoo religion, being much more common in European folk magic, where they are known as poppets.

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